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***Note: As of 4/24/14 All formicaria come with water towers.  These are installed inside the formicaria and aid in hydration.  They act like a temporary humidification system while filled.  For more information on them see the product link here (water towers).  These are camouflaged inside your formicarium with only the screen visible.  The screen is much too small for any ant to pass through and only water will pass out of it either directly when you hydrate or indirectly through evaporation.

Buried Traditions

Buried Formicarium takes the traditional framed nest and buries one on one side for an underground experience in this all-in-one setup.  A 3-level is 3.5 inches tall by 7 inches wide formicarium (3-levels) beneath the surface of the foraging arena.  A 4-level is 4.5 inches tall by 7 inches, 5-level is 5.5 inches tall by 8 inches (best value) Only one side of this all-in-one will contain a formicarium.   The usable area for nesting purposes is acutally larger than a 2-level, double sided, Pinnacle formicarium.  The choice of colors red, blonde, yellow, black, or khaki are available and come by the way of 100% natural dyes using our very own  flash-dying technique.  In the foraging arena red, white, or grey rocks will be mixed in with artificial flora and wood of various types.

Other Options for this product:

-black wood border on lid vent (drop-down option available)

-Connection holes for other formicaria or foraging arenas


-Regular (solid black) or Glass insert Lid (drop-down option available)

-Height (drop-down option available)

-Tunnel depth, based on preference and species size intended to be housed in this formicarium

***This product, like other formicaria available on our website, take betweem 7-10 days to complete before being shipped.  We make everything to order, unless otherwise stated.  Thank you!***

***As of August 2013 we have new acrylic lids manufactured specifically for the containers used in this product.  These are an improvement in fit and quality over the previous lids and we highly recommend them.

***Museum Quality Box- High Quality, scratch resistant acrylic and a sturdy glass lid made specifically for each box.  This option provides an additional 1 inch in length and width as well.


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